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Why Agrifoglio

B & B Agrifoglio - Nervesa della Battaglia - The garden


The Germans hung bundles of holly branches on the doors, to attract luck and ward off evil spirits.

The holly meant regeneration and rebirth also for the celtics and for all peoples in all times. During the winter solstice the plant was seen as positive power of rebirth and of every hope for the new year.

In the ancient Rome...

The holly (Agrifoglio) is a plant that has always been loved by everyone, because of the decisive color of the leaves and its red berries, which color the woods in winter. The Romans used to decorate their houses with holly during the Saturnalia, which corrisponds with Christmas period.

We decided to call our B&B "Agrifoglio" (Holly), because we like this plant very much and you can find it in our garden.

B & B Agrifoglio - Nervesa della Battaglia - Winter...
B & B Agrifoglio - Nervesa della Battaglia - Summer...