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Franck Baracca Pizzeria

You can eat a great pizza, delicious spaghetti and fish specialities at the Frank Baracca pizzeria 400 meters far from our B&B

Jonathan Collection Famous Historic Aircrafts

The Foundation "Jonathan Collection – Famous Historic Aircrafts O.N.L.U.S." is a young organization set up with the aim of spreading the historical memory of aviation and promoting the activity of flying as a historical and social value.

Ai Pioppi playground

The playground, built by Bruno over more than 40 years, extends almost throughout the area of the Osteria ai Pioppi, the rides are suitable for both children and adults. The playground is free and available exclusively to restaurant customers. There are around 40 attractions, built entirely by hand, approved by an engineer and subjected to continuous maintenance by the Pioppi staff, in order to guarantee a completely safe gaming experience.

Historical curiosities


It has been written by Monsignor Giovanni della Casa (Secretary of State of Pope Paolo IV), who was a guest in the quiet Sant'Eustachio Abbey, and has been published in 1558. it is a typically humanistic work, containing practical precepts of good behavior. His success was worldwide and continues also today.

The Battles of the Piave

After the defeat of Caporetto in November 1917, the Italian army stood on the Piave line, where the advance of the Austro-Hungarians stopped and attempted a desperate, potentially decisive attack in June 1918: the surrender of the Italians would have meant the victory of the Central Empires. The breakthrough fails. Nervesa was one of the places, where the fiercest fights took place, and the country has been half-destroyed. A few months later (on November) the Italian counterattack was successful. The Austrians caused the collapse of the other fronts and the War ended. The Italian victims of those battles are in a monumental Ossuary.